Healing Sexual Trauma 

 Is Possible 

 Begin From Where

You Are

Clear Path Wellness Lehigh Valley was born out of the necessity to salvage lives; first our own and then the heartfelt desire to share a path with others.  We are three professional women and biological sisters who realized a vision of healing for our own childhood sexually traumatic events.  We know from experience, healing the symptoms of trauma  followed by consciously integrating  with Self Love is not  easy.  It is, however, worth it.  After decades of doing the work and supported by professional training, it is with humility, gratitude and grace that we offer this life tested path to you and those you love.    

Join us for The Sacred Circle Retreat. A four day, three night, restorative healing experience for survivors of sexual trauma.  

We meet you where you are offering sustainable, evidence based practices to stabilize your central nervous system as you bravely share a part or parts of your trauma though expertly facilitated psychodrama.  The post retreat experience is empowered by your breath, yoga, meditation and energy medicine practices. You have control of your healing path while nurturing a deep, loving connection with your body, mind, and spirit.

Gentle, Experienced Professionals to Support You

Kate Lampe, LPC

Currently in private practice with over 30 years experience, Kate is fluent in healing interventions for traumatic experience and has worked in hospitals, outpatient clinics, and for crisis intervention.

Liz Jordon, E-CYT

Lizzie is a 500 hr, seasoned, trauma-sensitive yoga teacher and trained iRest/yoga Nidra meditation facilitator .  Additionally, she is a certified breath and stretch coach.  As a trained professional speaker, Liz delivers interactive educational presentations about the biology of trauma and the efficacy of breath for healthy, vibrant living. 

Mary L. Benner, MA EEM-AP

Mary is an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner. She is a Reiki Master Practitioner and holds a Masters Degree in Theology and Pastoral Ministry.


“I didn’t think my sexual abuse counted…”

“Sexual abuse is so intimate. When we let someone in, we literally let them into us. So, when someone forces them self on someone else in a sexual way, it crosses a boundary that is so intimate. Until you heal, you have to shut down. That’s what I learned, I had to shut down from myself until I healed.

After the retreat, I noticed that I was touching people more. I didn’t have my physical boundaries; I didn’t even know I had physical boundaries! I also wasn’t profoundly anxious anymore, which had become the norm for me. It was obvious to me that something had changed.

I almost didn’t do the Day. I was resisting doing it; I was afraid. I’m so glad I did it.” – Christine W.