Each of our facilitators specializes in different methods that help create a deeper and more positive connection to body, mind and spirit. Our Sacred Circle Retreat combines these core practices to restore strength, balance and breath to the body.

Counseling & Heart Rhythm Meditation

In your one on one time together with Kate Lampe, LPC, you will be treated with great respect.

In a very personal way, she feels the enormous emotion that you and your family experience. While trained in many therapeutic modalities that will help you in your healing, Kate walks this journey with you as a compassionate friend.

As a psychotherapist and a meditation instructor, Kate combines wisdom from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual communities. With years of devotion to this healing path, she has learned from teachers and researchers in each community. In your time together, these resources will be shared with you.

It’s not uncommon for people to feel judgmental of their body and it’s symptoms after trauma. The social veil of secrecy, creates unneeded shame, and this couples with general feelings of anxiety and depression.

It is true that our bodies bear the burden of trauma, yet healing is magnificent in its reach. In the end, we become more brilliant and more available than every before. We find inside ourselves the great being that was designed for times exactly like this, and we emerge.

Reiki & Eden Energy Medicine

What do Clear Path Energy Healing sessions look like?

Listening with the heart opens a healing session. The importance of the story a client presents provides the open door to the flow of the sacred energies.

The trauma and wounding from sexual trauma calls for the greatest of care in the healing process. Individuals suffering from this type of trauma often experience anxiety, panic, depression, along with an array of distressing physical symptoms in the body. Mary offers very specific care in an individual Energy Medicine Healing session. Her intuitive flow in a session offers protocols that lightly touch on or off the body, providing harmony and balance within the brilliant energies bathing the body. A session assists in the clearing of the blocked and tense congestion in the energy body. These intricate energy systems influence all the organs of the body, including the circulatory, digestive, immune and nervous systems. In an energy healing session they begin a release and gain a momentum to flow more easily in their natural pathways. With care and attention, the energies of the body rewire to create better health. The immune system becomes stronger which thus supports mental clarity and heathy living. Experiencing Clear Path Energy Healing sessions and working with simple energetic home techniques provides a creative natural process for healing the delicate interconnectedness of the body, mind, spirit pathways.

What is a Reiki training?

There are four levels of Reiki Training offered at various intervals in the Clear Path Energy Healing practice. Each level is a full one day workshop. A participant is attuned to the spiritual energies and explores in varying degrees the nature and the benefits of the healing energies. The fourth level is a teacher training. Reiki training is an magnificent tool for self care.

What is a Reiki Share?

A Reiki Share at the Clear Path Energy Healing practice is held once a month. Reiki practitioners gather to build confidence in understanding the flow of the energy and to practice in a safe learning environment. They develop intuitive skills and learn a reverence for the spirituality of the practice.

What is an Energy Medicine Workshop for Trauma Care?

This hands on workshop is offered in two sessions. Each three hour time frame is packed with valuable resources. You will learn:

  • Exercises to relieve stress and to balance the energy field protecting the body
  • How the accumulated affects of trauma on the subtle energies hurt the vibrancy of the physical body
  • Essential energy medicine techniques to heal and calm the body mind spirit connection
  • Concepts about the subtle energy body and how it influences the health of the physical body
  • How the body knows how to heal!

Mary teaches all levels of Reiki and is currently seeing clients by appointment for individual sessions at her office in Emmaus, PA.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Experiencing the immobilizing and debilitating symptoms of sexual trauma is part of the aftermath of a single event or multiple events. The brain is either stuck in its primitive center where survival narrows the focus of living or it is trying to find a way to abandon the body completely. Life is reduced to a series of navigating symptoms like depression, anxiety or panic. In order to return safely to the body, evidence based practices provide the opportunity and experience of coming home.

Liz Jordon, Certified and Registered Yoga Instructor with special training in iRest/Yoga Nidra Trauma Informed Yoga, offers the safety of teaching trauma sensitive yoga without ever leaving her own mat. Whether one to one in the privacy of your home or part of a trauma sensitive class, your comfort comes first. The atmosphere respects your experience and that has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not you are able to touch your toes. You can expect the practical lesson of noticing the quality of your breath and learning how to positively impact your central nervous system through the time tested participation of conscious breathing. Then, when adding movement to breath, the possibility of being in and with the body with a felt sense of presence and safety moves the idea to possibility to actualized.

iRest/Yoga Nidra shares the longevity of Yoga having transcended over 4,000 years and withstands the scrutiny of scientific study thereby proving its’ efficacy even when practiced by individuals with the most severe of symptoms. Yoga Nidra, sleep of the yogi, teaches individuals the subtle nature of observing and listening to the body as the messenger it is. A dyad is the experience of a one to one with Liz as she supports a client moving through the experience of noticing thoughts, emotions and sensations. iRest is not therapy. iRest/Yoga Nidra invites and encourages the practice of welcoming all sensations, emotions and thinking as messengers. Liz guides the practice with complete attention, compassion and meditative listening reflecting back to the person in front of her. The experience, your experience is shared and honored in the safety of a private session.

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