A restorative healing series for survivors of sexual trauma.

The Sacred Circle Retreat

 A 5 Day, 4 Night Retreat

The Sacred Circle Retreat is an encounter with kindred souls on the healing path.

This retreat is held at a private retreat center, and the blessings you receive are equal to the challenge of facing sexual assault.

Our healing process includes:

  • Psychodramas with ultimate safety creating dramatic healing moments that allow you to integrate trauma and restore your life.
  • Energy Medicine that goes deep into the energy body and restores vital links to your organs and glands.
  • Trauma Sensitive Yoga engaging conscious breath and movement to untangle trauma patterns and intentionally create brain, heart, and central nervous system health.


To Be Determined for 2023

To Attend

Please contact us at
Email: info@cpwlv.org
Phone: 484-553-2985

Sacred Healing is about
And the Courage to heal.

Lizzie Jordon chose the Teachers path to address two distinct forces in her life: the impulse to heal and the desire to serve. Her certifications are with The Chopra Center, The Sivananda Vedanta Center, The Trauma Center at Justice Resource Institute, iRest/Yoga Nidra, Kula Kamala Foundation and Yoga Teachers College. Coaching clients to connect with their own felt sense of embodied wisdom is her purpose and passion.

Mary L Benner is an advanced practice Eden Energy Medicine healing facilitator, Reiki Master Practitioner, and Teacher. She holds degrees in Nursing, Pastoral Ministry and Theology. Mary possesses a deep understanding of the intuitive connection of body, mind and spirit. The interventions she provides assist the body’s natural energy and healing abilities.

Kate Lampe is a Licensed Professional Counselor. Her trainings include trauma sensitive remedies for the body mind and spirit. With attention and breath, the autonomic nervous system is restored and capable of creating a new and stronger relationship with significant others. As the symptoms of trauma heal , life’s journey fills with the joy of expressing one’s True Self.